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Fractured 2

Hi all,

Firstly, I have a few new fans – thanks for emailing me with your thoughts on Fractured. I love that the book is gaining an audience and people are embracing it.

Secondly, the reoccurring subject is book 2 – so here goes:

I have finally decided upon a title of Flawed – I’m quite liking the ‘F’ words (not the naughty ones) for uniformity!

Upon looking at it this morning, I am currently up to circa 35 chapters (these are slightly shorter than Fractured, but the word count is roughly the same at 120K). Three of the chapters actually need to be written (or finished to be more accurate) and the rest needs to be proof read/thoroughly edited. On paper, reading this, it doesn’t seem a lot, but it’s amazing how much you see when proofing. It’s also amazing how blind you can be to your own work.

The reason I haven’t given out a specific date is simply because, as I have mentioned previously, there are other factors that can hinder publication. A good example is the first time I tried to publish Fractured and it got blocked, purely due to the fact that it didn’t meet the ‘acceptable’ criteria. This criteria can be anything from the cover image, to the book description, to the actual book content itself! Fortunately, it turned out my description was in need of some hand slapping! Goodness knows how you find the unacceptable word content in a book of thousands!

However, all of the above said, I am looking to have the book out sometime during (deep breath!) October (please don’t all shout at me at once!). If I can get it out any sooner, I promise I shall and I will notify you of the same.

Third and finally, I am also simultaneously working on the novella. This is currently standing at over 30K words and it chronicles life during the ‘missing’ eight years. This currently has a working title of Aftermath, and although this could change, I quite like it and think it will be staying.

Again, thank you to all who have emailed me, expressed how much you love the book. The response has been overwhelming. I will update in the next few weeks of progress and hopefully I will aim to get it out sooner, but for now October.

Best wishes,




Elle was born and raised in Yorkshire, England, where she still resides. After many years of putting aside her creative ideas, in 2012, she was inspired to write again. The surprising result was her debut, contemporary romance novel, Fractured. The first of the series, books two and three, Tormented and Liberated, followed in close succession, along with the accompanying novella, Aftermath. A self-confessed daydreamer, she loves to create strong, sexy and diverse characters, cocooned in opulent yet realistic settings that draw the reader in with every twist and turn until the very last page. A voracious reader for as long as she can remember, she is never without her beloved Kindle. When she is not absorbed in the newest release or a trusted classic, she can often be found huddled over her laptop, tapping away new ideas and plots for forthcoming works. Her latest novel, Faithless, the fourth instalment of The Fractured Series, was released on 2 July 2018 and is available from all major ebook retailers. She is currently working on the fifth book in the series.

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