Book 3

The breath-taking conclusion to Kara and Sloan’s love story.

Fleeing the world that was determined to never let her go, Kara is back living a solitary life. Hiding away, once again, she is forging an existence from the torn shreds left behind.

Still dreaming of the life that had been stolen from her; still in dangerously love with the man that coaxed her from the darkness, she has blindly convinced herself her choices are the right ones. Her absolution to stay hidden is robust and unbreakable, until familiar faces resurface, bringing with them heart-breaking truths she cannot ignore.

Facing up to the consequences of her actions and the decisions she has made, running is no longer an option, but returning will prove to be the hardest thing she ever does.

Passion will be reignited, secrets will be revealed and dreams shall finally be fulfilled.

Available exclusively on Amazon Kindle and Kindle Unlimited!

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