Book 3

The breathtaking conclusion to Kara and Sloan’s love story

Kara Petersen has experienced both pleasure and pain. She has witnessed the highs and lows, and she has lived through the harsh realities that life has unfairly bestowed upon her.

Now, having to endure the heartache and devastation of finally being able to remember the past she tried to escape, she is back to living a solitary life, forging an existence from the torn shreds left behind.

Hundreds of miles away from home, with a new appearance and identity, she is determined to survive, no matter what the cost to her heart and mental wellbeing.

While fantasising of love that has been brutally stolen from her, she has blindly convinced herself her choices are the right ones. Her absolution to remain hidden is robust and unbreakable, until familiar faces resurface, bringing with them heart-breaking truths she cannot ignore.

As she faces up to the consequences of her actions and the decisions she has made, she is aware that running is no longer an option…but returning may prove to be the hardest thing she ever does.

In the finale of a love story that has spanned a decade, passions will be reignited, ghosts will be finally laid to rest and dreams shall, at long last, be fulfilled.

Available in ebook, paperback and hardback formats