Fractured Series FAQ’s:

Should The Fractured Series be read in order?

Yes. Books 1 – 3 (including 2.5) should be read in order as they are a continuing story. Book 4 can be read as a standalone, and while it isn’t essential, it is advisable to read the original trilogy due to the story ARC and the character relationships.

Are the books based on real life events?

No, they are a work of fiction. However, many aspects of the story are personal to me, and I have elaborated these for creative purposes.

Are you writing any more in the series?

Yes. I am currently working on two separate novels featuring the characters of Jeremy and Julia. I am also tinkering with some plot lines for a new standalone novel, completely unrelated to the series.

When will they be available?

These are currently a work in progress due to other demands/restraints upon my time. I shall provide periodical updates as they are further advanced.

In the future, if you re-release the books with bonus scenes, additional content etc, will I be required to buy a further copy?

No. If I do revise the books to include any previously unpublished material, I will add the new content to the website and I will also supply a copy for your chosen e-reader upon request. I appreciate not everyone wants to read bonus material on a website – I’m one of them! I also feel it is unfair to expect readers to constantly dip into their pockets and buy new ‘exclusive’ books due to additional content being added. It is a duplicitous practice.

Are your books available in paperback?

Yes. They are available to purchase exclusively through Amazon. Please note, due to the novel size and printing costs, no discounts or offers are available on the paperbacks.

Will the series ever be made into a TV series or a movie?

I am often asked this, and all I can say is anything can happen in the future! Like most writers, I am open to all new opportunities.

Are there any playlists associated with the novels? 

Any future playlists for the novels will be available to view on the blog.

Ebooks FAQ’s:

Where can I buy your ebooks?

My novels are currently exclusive to Amazon in both ebook and paperback formats.

Can I borrow your ebooks from an e-library?

No, they are no longer available through e-library services.

I don’t have an e-reader and have no inclination to buy one in the future. How can I read your books?

My novels are currently exclusive to Amazon only in ebook, paperback and hardback formats. If you do not have an e-reader, you can download the free Kindle reading app from Amazon. This free app can be used to read all Amazon purchased novels via a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Please note any additional content I may release in the future will require you to have installed the app if you do not wish to read on the website.

Do you sell books directly?

No. Please visit your country’s Amazon site to purchase my novels.

Where can I pre-order your books?

Any future releases that are available to pre-order will be announced via my blog, Facebook or Twitter. Please ensure you sign up for my newsletter to keep up to date of any new releases in the future.

General FAQ’s:

Where can I subscribe to your newsletter?

You can subscribe by either visiting the Get in Touch page above, or entering your details in the Subscribe below. Please note you can unsubscribe at any time.

What personal information do you require and how will it be used?

When you subscribe to my newsletter/mailing list, your details are obtained by Mailerlite, a third party email service company. Upon subscribing, the only information required is your email address, but the country in which you IP address is located and registered will also be logged automatically. This information is then stored in Mailerlite’s secure server systems.

Please be aware, that while I can access this information through my email service account with them, I do not abuse this privilege by storing personal or sensitive subscriber information on any external device.

I also do not:

  • make personal copies of subscriber information for future reference;
  • sell on personal information;
  • conduct newsletter swaps with fellow authors;
  • share personal subscriber lists with fellow authors;
  • disclose any personal information contained within my subscriber list.

Please be aware this list is not exhaustive.

If in doubt, please read my Privacy Policy below. You can also read Mailerlite’s Privacy Policy here. If you can’t find what you are looking for, or are in doubt, please do email me at

I am a reviewer and would like a copy of your book to review for my blog/website. Who should I contact?

Please visit the Get in Touch page.

I am an event’s organiser and would like to invite you to an event. Who should I contact?

Please visit the Get in Touch page.

Are you a full time author?

No. I write part time.. For now.

Do you personally reply to emails?

Yes. While I do tend to have some ‘auto’ response wording that I reply with, I often deviate from this depending on the context of the email. If you have taken the time out of your busy life to email me, the least I can do is give you some of my time in return.

Can I email and ask you for writing advice?

Yes. Although please note any advice given is my own personal experience. I may, from time to time, post on the blog regarding my own experiences of writing, marketing and general insights into the journey of self-publishing.

Will you read my manuscript?

No. Unfortunately due to restraints on my time and life/work commitments, I am unable to do this.

Will you review my book description?

No. Unfortunately due to restraints on my time and life/work commitments, I am unable to do this.

Elle FAQ’s:

Where are you based?

I live in the UK, in beautiful Yorkshire.

Tell us more about you?

I’m thirty-something, and I still work full-time in law. I am a complete foodie and am willing to try (within reason) most things (sorry, but no insects, crispy critters, scorpions, spiders or snakes!). My favourite cuisine is anything from the Mediterranean countries. I love a good chilled bottle of New Zealand Marlborough wine or a rum and coke. Oh, and you may have garnered from the novels that I am a huge lover of cheesecake!

What are your pastimes outside of writing?

I adore the great outdoors. Whether it be puttering around my garden, strolling through the local park or hiking the hills of England, Scotland or Wales. I feel most at peace with myself when I’m outside. That said, I can be a real home hermit, too. Give me a warm, cosy room, my laptop and copious amounts of hot chocolate (or wine…) and you will not see me for hours!

I also love to travel, either here in the UK or the world. You won’t find me relaxing on the beach; I’m more at home exploring the city streets, or putting on my muddy boots and a waterproof jacket. If I can walk it, climb it or scramble it, I’m all over it!

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