The Fractured Series

The Fractured Series is a gripping contemporary romantic suspense series. Featuring unpredictable plot twists and endearing characters, this sensual, compelling saga of enduring love, ceaseless passion and sacrifice will keep you turning pages until the very end!

Available in ebook, paperback and hardback formats

Note from the author:

This series originally started life as a trilogy. It was never my intention to expand the story into a long running saga and give secondary characters their own books when I initially started writing. The leap from trilogy to series was largely due to the impact the books had on my readership and the abundance of emails and messages I received asking if other characters would be getting their own stories. The obvious affection readers had for these characters confirmed that they had taken them into their hearts. It affirmed and strengthened a fleeting idea and gave it life.

At present, the series comprises four full length novels and one novella. I am currently working on books five, six and seven, but I have no set dates as to when these will be ready for release.

For clarity, the original trilogy is complete, along with its accompanying novella, and can be read as is. The follow on books in the series can be read as standalone novels. However, throughout there is cross referencing regarding events within the first three books. Whilst you don’t need to have read the original trilogy, it is advisable due to the abundance of characters, their individual relationships, and the overlapping intricacies of the story arc.

Happy reading,

Elle xx

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