Book 4

Dare to dream…

Dare to have it all…

Events co-ordinator, Marie Dawson, never thought she would experience the all-consuming passionate love she once believed in. Married and divorced by 25, she had long resigned herself to being single and independent, until ruggedly handsome security specialist and ex-army powerhouse, John Walker, barged his way into her life.

Now, at the age of 42, Marie finally has it all: a successful business, a loving family, and a devoted man who can bring her to her knees.

Life is perfect. But perfection cannot endure in a relationship built on half-truths and secrets. And if there is one thing Marie is well practised in, it’s secrets. How to keep them, how to protect them, how to pretend they don’t exist; and after 23 years of stringently guarding hers, she knows just how dangerous and destructive they can be.

Underneath her perfectly polished exterior, Marie hides a dark past – one she has dared not speak of in over two decades for fear of the consequences.

But she has always known that one day she would have to lay her secrets bare, and when the past and present finally threaten to collide, she is aware she may find herself more than faithless…

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