Book 5

My story is a tale of two halves I rarely tell…

Jeremy James is one of life’s chancers.

A reckless opportunist. An unassuming hustler. Someone not ashamed to do whatever it takes to survive until a cruel twist of fate opens his eyes to the sordid existence he’s living and shows him the choices he’s making lead to one of two places: death or incarceration.

He’s already experienced one and doesn’t want to endure the other, but trapped in the darkness, he knows there is no escape from the inevitable.

Three unimaginable events have defined him, shaped him, and, ultimately, scarred him. But not all scars are visible. Sometimes, the most detrimental are the ones you cannot see.

With no direction or future, his world is unexpectedly rocked when Evelyn Blake, a young woman searching for her place in life, turns it on its axis. Beautiful, articulate, and with a privileged future ahead of her, she is the first to see past the obvious and unavoidable.

But the deeper he falls, the harder the consequences will be when his past recriminations finally catch up with him.

With the stakes impossibly high and now with far too much to lose, he knows he must redeem himself before it’s too late.

But the rocky road to redemption can be a long, unforgiving path, and who can you trust when you know you can’t trust no one?

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Available in ebook, paperback and hardback formats

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