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Attention all romance readers!

Do you only read your novels using your Kindle Unlimited subscription?

Do you prefer to purchase your novels via B&N or Applebooks?

If so, read on…

When I first started publishing my novels in 2014, I was originally published on all ebook retailers, including libraries and independent subscription providers. I chose this path because back then the Kindle programme wasn’t particularly desirable in how authors were paid in exchange for their commitment and exclusivity.

Over the years, it has become more appealing to those of us who were curious about the rewards of being exclusive. So in 2019, regardless that I had fabulous sales traction and visibility on B&N, Kobo, Applebooks etc, I gave in to temptation and decided to take the plunge.  

For the last three years, KU has been a fairly good fit and it has brought me a new readership and some very dedicated, lovely, considerate readers from across the globe who may never have discovered my works if it wasn’t for KU. I’ve also had some very good offers from Amazon for their promotions and marketing, which I feel I would never have received if my books had not been exclusive. But, at the same time, I’ve also received emails from readers on other platforms who have, in the past, downloaded my first novel, only to eventually read it and then discover they can no longer continue the series on their preferred platform.

And whilst I’ve enjoyed some of the promotional advantages KU has given to me, it has also come with its disadvantages in that your livelihood is solely dependent and conditional upon Amazon.

So with that in mind, my novels, including the box set, will no longer be available via Kindle Unlimited after the dates below.

Fractured: 20 June 2022

Tormented: 9 July 2022

Aftermath: 9 July 2022

Liberated: 9 July 2022

Faithless: 9 July 2022

Redemption: 13 August 2022

Box Set One: 8 July 2022

These are the last dates you will be able to download them as part of your subscription. I am of the understanding that once you have selected them in your KU choices, you can keep them for as long as you like (even if they have been removed from KU), but the instant you remove them from your subscription choices, if you want to read them again, you will be required to purchase them.

After the above dates have expired, they will then be available wide at all major ebook retailers.

I appreciate this is not something anyone who only reads their books via KU will want to hear. Times are very hard financially right now for millions all over the world, and as always, this isn’t a decision I have made lightly. I’ve tried to be as fair as possible by giving as much notice as possible.

As noted above, KU has done some brilliant things for my readership, but ultimately, I would like to reach those readers on other platforms again and rebuild my brand with true longevity in mind.

If you have any queries, please drop me a line.

Best wishes,

Elle X