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Paperbacks…at last! And a few other things to note…

Hi all!

I’m esctastic to announce that the full series (including the novella) are finally available to purchase in paperback format! I’ve been promising this for a while and now it’s finally come to fruition. I must say, it’s very weird to hold ‘my writing’, but I’m also very proud. The books produced via Amazon look absolutely amazing and I’m incredibly happy with them… Even if Faithless is a bit of door stop – I never realised 600 pages was so big!

So a few things, please note if you are interested in purchasing paperback copies, they will not be available outside of Amazon, and they will not be included in any kind of offer (BOGOF, 2for1, or any other offer you normally see in supermarkets). This is because they are self-published and the cost of printing is high.

I’ve also done a full revision of books 1 to 3 in both formats. Upon reading them again, it was clear that my craft has definitely improved since their initial release, and I’m happy to say all issues regarding typos etc are now corrected (although the majority of these had already been dealt with over the years).

Now if you’re wondering how you get your hands on a revised ebook copy… Well, that’s Amazon’s forte! Unfortuantely, they will not reissue books to past purchasers just because I ask – I’m not important enough! But, as mentioned in previous posts, Amazon are very customer driven, so if you ask politely, they may ‘push’ new versions to your Kindle account.

However, if you do ask, and they do indeed send you new electronic versions, please get in touch. I’m very interested to know whether or not they will. I’ve seen it numerous times in the past with novels I’ve purchased, but whenever I’ve enquired about mine, it’s been advised that correcting typos isn’t considered a major requirement to resend the novels to purchasers…

Finally, if you have any q’s about pushing new versions, the paperbacks, or anything else that takes your fancy, drop us a line!

Elle XXX

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