Teaser time!

So, as promised, below is a short snippet from book 2. Please note this is subject to change.

I will be putting book 2 up for pre-order on Amazon in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for it, but until then:

The DJ changes the song and the upbeat tempo seems to have everyone gravitating towards the dance floor. I look down at my heels, wondering if I should just kick them off and have done with it. I feel his eyes on me and I look up.

“That reminds me…” With one hand on his hip, he looks me up and down. Appraising my appearance silently, he slides his free hand down my leg at a snail’s pace, causing every nerve ending to tinge with excitement. He glides his hand over my emerald heels and then brings it back up. Pulling me close, he tangles his hand in the green silk sash at my waist, and squeezes my arse for everyone to see.

His lips skim my neck delicately. “You know, for she who doesn’t like to shop, this is one very stunning and sexy dress, Ms Petersen, but tell me, is it easy to remove?” He stands in front of me, chin between his finger and thumb. I sway a little, trying to reign in my giddiness.

I shrug my shoulders innocently and bat my eyelashes, reciprocating his playful demeanour. “Oh, I don’t know Mr Foster, define easy to remove?”

Moving around to my side, his hand glides down my waist. “Zips?”

“No.” He lifts his brow as he takes two steps behind me, then trails his fingers down my spine with determination.


My breath catches in my throat. “No.”

He smirks and comes round to my front, skimming both hands up my stomach and brazenly holding each breast, giving them a little squeeze.


“No.” I grin, and he places his lips over mine briefly.

“I’m tired of hearing that diabolical word, tell me what it does have!” he mumbles against my cheek.

“Just a hell of a lot of stretch!” I press myself into him and stare up into his dark, desirous eyes.

“Good, I’ll be testing it later!” Changing his stance and putting his thigh between my legs, ensuring I feel it in the good areas, he tilts his head to my ear. “What’s under it?”

“The underwear you bought yesterday.” He closes his eyes momentarily, then opens them, to reveal they are now glassy.

“Good girl, I knew you’d get the message.” He moves us slowly on the floor, ignoring anyone else present.

I chortle. “I couldn’t have got it any better if you’d have dressed me in them yourself!”

“Baby, if I’d been left in charge, you wouldn’t have got one leg in!” I throw my head back and laugh, raising a few eyebrows around us.

“True, you do have a penchant for stripping and shredding!”

“Absolutely, don’t grow too attached to them, they’ll be in the bin by morning!”

Breathless, I push away and pick up a glass of champagne. Unyielding arms reach around me and I still, feeling the electricity firing, as his hand grips mine around the glass. “Round two is five months overdue, we’ll be doing that again later too!”

Collecting myself, he doesn’t allow me an inch as he continually strokes me. I’m on the verge of demanding he gets us out of here now, when he turns me slowly.

“You should come with a warning.”


“Yes, you.”

His mouth thrusts itself over mine again, and I grip the back of his head with one hand, while holding the glass out of the way with the other.

“You’re insane, Sloan Foster!”

“As long as I have you, I’ll always edge on insanity.”

Copyright Elle Charles 2014

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