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    Amazon Prime Reading UK

    I’m pleased to announce if you are an Amazon UK Prime subscriber, you can now read the Kindle edition of Tormented (book 2 of The Fractured Series) for free through the Prime Reading programme. As a subscriber, you can also take advantage of allowing a set number of family members and friends access to your benefits, including the books element. Tormented will be available through Prime for a limited time only. Fractured, book 1, is still free to download. So grab your copies, and start an addictive new series today! Best wishes, Elle x Available exclusively on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited

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    IT by Stephen King

    Modern Horror Firstly, yes, I am one of those people who likes to scare themselves stupid with horror films. From the sophisticated to the downright ridiculous, I’ve seen them all, and I’m not ashamed to admit it! So, this book needs no introduction whatsoever. It is a modern horror classic, and just the mention of the title will bring most out in a cold sweat. This book is one of the most memorable of my childhood – yes, my mother is fairly liberal and allowed me to read this stuff when I was young (thanks for getting me hooked on reading and writing, Mum! (Big kisses and thumbs up!!!)). By…