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My book club!

As we all know, writers tend to be readers, whether occasional or voracious. I normally peg myself in the voracious category – having thousands of books in my Kindle library.

I have therefore decided to create this new blog so you can all see what I’m currently reading – or have read, in some cases. These will be predominantly books that I’ve enjoyed and want share. They will not necessarily be posted in the order I have read them – just as and when I update.

Be warned – my tastes are broad and eclectic. I read everything from horror to thriller to romance. Some of it gothic, some of it contemporary. Some of the romances will be the usual, contemporary offerings, some will be classics, other times I pick up urban, and lately, I’ve even been reading some LGBT. My book choices have changed over the last couple of years, and I’ve found myself swaying away from the more commercial books on sale. I also believe there isn’t enough diversity in the book charts at the moment and just by picking up a few free and KU books, I’ve found some fairly good reads.

When I post what I’m reading, of course, I will make it clear what category it falls into. I appreciate no one wants to be surprised by content they wouldn’t normally choose.

Please note, this is not intended to be a book blog or book review page! I am not a blogger, nor am I a social media influencer. Personally, I feel it is not ethical or justifiable for me to give reviews on other books as this will undoubtedly impact someone else’s choice. Unfortunately, we all also know how reviews can be manipulated. This is not what this blog is for.

Where possible, I will embed the book from Amazon.

So, lets get reading!

E xx

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